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Channel Discovery

Built On The Evvox Data Platform

Discover new channels. Extend your data. Build securely.


Harness Insights

New Channel Discovery

New channels and optimizations can be discovered for Group, Brokers, or Direct Sales on the Evvox platform.

innovative platform

Extensibility Engine

Our data platform’s biggest advantage is the ease in which new data can not only be ingested, but integrated into the existing models and showcased in a manner relevant to you.
01 Identify External Data

The best tools from storage to analytics – and you don’t even have to think about it. our platform is built on databricks and azure services – completely managed by Evvox.

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02 Seamlessly Ingest And Process

Tap into powerbi to digest insights quickly and easily dynamically adjust views with the click of a button Learn More

03 Cutting Edge Story And Visualization Techniques

Our uniquely innovative platform was built so robustly that the same methodology that will speed up your digital acceleration by 5-10x is that same methodology that will allow...

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04 Extend Your Platform To The Level You Know Your Business is Capable Of

Evvox and your data create a rock solid foundation. foundations are meant to be built on. integrate 3rd party data in your analytics to create greater insights than previously known. Learn More


A Secure Environment

Evvox is built to prioritize security with its cloud-based infrastructure. It assures complete transparency, protection of information, and full compliance.

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