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Evvox platform is built on over 25 years of experience in data integrations and industry Knowledge at Visionet. The highly awarded Visionet Team – Microsoft Parter of the Year Finalist and EY Entrepreneur of the year award – has put together the most critical aspects seen over years of business and put it in an easily manageable product format.

Evvox is a new product that leverages Visionets expertise but operates independently. This helps us build the best product possible without any legacy elements from a parent company, but also ensures that support for Evvox will be around for years and years to come.

We are excited to be able to use this technology and expertise in a meaningful way – with the end goal of helping people get life insurance.

Meet Our Leadership

Ameen Ahmad

Senior Vice President

Ameen Ahmad has Master’s degree in Software Engineering; with over 22 years of experience around customer centricity, analytics and digital transformation for financial services and retail industry. During this time, Ameen has been building and deploying scalable and secure custom solution for a global customer portfolio. This experience helped him in envisioning and building EVVOX data platform, which in essence a collective vision towards data driven organizations.

Norman Gottschalk


Norm Gottschalk is the Chief Technology Officer for AtClose and Visionet. Norm has been in the mortgage industry for over 25 years and has held senior IT management positions at financial services and title companies, such as: FISERV (General American Corporation), Lenders First Choice, DJSP and Software AG.  Norm  is the founder of Gators and co-founder of AtClose. He holds a BS from Slippery Rock University. 

Hamad Masood

VP of Strategy and Business Development

Hamad is the VP of Strategy and Business Development at Evvox. He graduated from NYU studying Economics and Mathematics and from the University of Chicago with a Masters in Computer Science. His career spans both finance and technology including roles as an investment analyst on a multi-billion dollar portfolio, strategy on an international fintech, and software engineering for startups and enterprise clients.

At Evvox, Hamad oversees the strategy and product direction for the product. Working with clients and internal teams to envision the future of life insurance and enabling customers to utilize the full capabilities of New Channel Discovery.

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