What We Do

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Seamlessly combine Internal and External Data

Evvox powers state-of-the-art insights through facilitating the quick and easy ingestion of both internal and external data. Our combination of hundreds of connectors and data partners can not only jump start your data journey but also give you a platform that has taken the largest insurers years to build. The combination of internal and external data is necessary for competing in the digital age, no longer can you simply rely on legacy data, the time to move is now!

Modern Segmentation

New Channel Discovery

Understand your portfolio, risks, and outside environment in way that not only segments your customers, but tunes in to the outside world to identify new channels to operate in. Gain the first-mover advantage with various partners and organizations and get insight into an untapped customer segment. Evvox also provides AI/M enabled multi-level customer segmentation to give you deep insight into your customer base.

Customer Insights

Customer 360 Built for insurance

Evvox’s Extensibility Engine and out-of-the-box AI/ML capability makes for a state-of-the-art Customer 360 platform complete with cross-sell and up-sell and Customer LTV analysis. Evvox also provides finance & operations a consolidated view of payments and claims from a single customer view.